About us


The very foundation of Teaching-orphans was laid on the realization of a group of young corporate professionals that conducted an executive MBA study and as a final assignment set up a sustain non-profit social responsible business to give back to the society. They graduated in May 2013.

Founding members:


Robert Sanger
Manager Finance, Facilities and IT of a day-care organisation, holds a MSc degree in Economics and an MBA degree.
Johan Meima
Quality manager in a machine factory, holds a BSc degree in Marketing and an MBA degree.
Pawel Michalak
R&D Project manager in a Geodetic company, holds a PhD degree in Geodesy, a MSc degree in Business and an MBA degree.
Hans van Buren
Manager Project- and Planbureau in a HRD/Learning company, holds a BSc degree in Computer Science and an MBA degree.


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