Collaborative software from IBM!

Teaching-orphans and IBM are finalizing a two year partnership contract for the use of IBM collaborative cloud software. IBM supports the virtual classroom project of Teaching-orphans as part of their CSR program.
Teaching-orphans will use IBM’s Smartcloud Engage Advanced solution to build a strong social infrastructure for all volunteers and orphanages connected to the virtual classroom project. It enables the globally scattered volunteers and the orphanages involved to work and connect in a secure, stable and controlled environment. IBM’s statement “Let’s build a smarter planet” fits well with the objectives of Teaching-Orphans. IBM was represented by Warner Dijkhuizen, IBM Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs Manager who has been very enthusiastic about this initiative right from the start.

New partnership and IT hardware support!

Netdata, located in Amsterdam, was founded in 1999 by Richard Cudovan and Mark de Wilde. Netdata is a Full Service ICT organisation. The services of Netdata are tailored to the ICT components of companies. Our goal is to make sure companies don’t have to worry about their ICT, but can focus on their core business. We not only advise companies about the technological possibilities, but translate specific demands to ICT solutions that add value to your succes. Netdata focusses on companies that are strongly depending on ICT in delivering value to their customers.

Ternopil city orphanage joined Teaching-orphans!

Great news! The Ternopil city orphanage joined our initiative!
The orphanage was founded in 1991. There are 22 children living there at the moment. The age of children is from 8 to 17. The children do their homework in one big room with nine tables. Teaching-orphans will provide PCs equipped with webcams and skype to that room so children can benefit from our educational programs.
Click here to see the orphanage on the map!
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Teaching-orphans is looking for… you :)


We are looking for volunteers coordinating the setup of courses and stimulating exchanging the experiences between other participants in the initiative. The course coordinator serves as the liaison between the volunteering teachers in the courses and ensures smooth and efficient communications and operations for courses and builds relationships and interaction within the group of voluntary  teachers. Are you someone who likes to takes initiatives to bring people together and bundle energy to make optimal use of skills and availabilities?

We are also looking for a volunteering marketeer who helps the initiative to develop further in marketing, advertising and promotional activities. Can you help us forward in the areas of e-commerce and social networks? Are you someone looking for changes bringing the initiative under the attention of potential partners, sponsors and volunteers?

And finally, Teaching-Orphans is looking for a IT-Star in using and setting up projects in collaborative software. As our project is growing is becomes important to translate the project structure and materials in a collaborative environment so we can share ideas and documents in a transparent and safe environment. Do you have IT-skills in this field and would you like to experience working in a global environment ? Take initiative and help us building this virtual platform for orphans!

We need you, so please contact us!

Virtual classroom welcomes Krista!

Krista is the first volunteer who joined us in 2013! She is Dutch and additionally speaks English and Spanish. Krista is originally from Aruba which makes her fluent in Papiamento!
She would like to give English courses but also Life skills and Environmental & Health trainings. Bon bini Krista!

“We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty” – Mother Teresa

First virtual classroom lesson is a fact!

Shout out loud! First virtual classroom lesson is a fact! Just several months after initiating the project, the first lesson took place on November the 28th 2012. Anna, one of the volunteering teachers from Kiev, started giving English lessons to eight children from the school for orphanaged and low-income children in Vynohradiv, Transcarpathian region in Ukraine. Anna gave the first lesson to the group of eight school kids. She was assisted by Maria, who took care of the arrangements at the school location. Via a virtual connection the class could interact with our remote teacher.
Please check our new movie in the right panel!

Welcome Anna!

Anna joined our team of teachers! She is Ukrainian and lives in Kyiv. Anna loves traveling. Her favourite Quotes: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” ~ Dr Suess “Hold on…take the risk…go on with the flow…follow your heart…And no matter what happen smile and say…I did my best”