For Teachers


Great you are here!

You can help us changing orphans’ life by giving live classes from your own couch! Join the team of our volunteering teachers! Why would you do so? Well, besides the unbelievable satisfaction, gratitude and appreciation from children, you also gain much teaching experience, including distance learning using state of the art technology! Would you like to get free training in a leading e-learning platform? Join us! If you are a student, it might also be possible to obtain study points for your work!



How would this work? See our movie in the right panel to get an idea what a Teaching-orphans project is about. After you sign in by providing your contact and availability details, preferable lesson themes and children’s age we will send you the course materials together with a sample lesson template and a set of tips how to prepare your own virtual class. The most important lesson topic is English for all levels (mainly basic) for children between six and fifteen years old. We value the input of the individual volunteers very much, that’s why we ask to make all materials personal.

We will then organize a test lesson to provide you with more feedback and verify the quality of your Internet connection. After your class is approved we will find the right group of orphans which could benefit most from your class.

Please, do not hesitate to use our easy registration form and make the first step towards you next challenging, but rewarding adventure!

We look forward to hear from you!


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