What we do is…


Our vision
It is our vision to provide orphaned and unprivileged kids in second- and third-world countries with a sustain opportunity to learn and improve on their skills which is essential for them to succeed in their future life outside the orphanage or foster home.

The goal
The goal was to create a virtual classroom platform where volunteer teachers can remotely give classes to the orphans. For a start we implemented the system in one  orphanage in the Ukraine.


The solution
The solution includes creating a web-portal serving as a database of instructors and lesson topics, and supporting links between teachers and the class-room in a remote location. Furthermore the solution includes pilot classroom locations/facilities equipped with required audiovisual components. With use of the Smartcloud software of our sponsor IBM, the solution is developed into a platform, also including communities where stakeholders can communicate with and learn from each other.


We realised the Teaching-orphans platform in December 2012.

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