Teaching-orphans is looking for… you :)


We are looking for volunteers coordinating the setup of courses and stimulating exchanging the experiences between other participants in the initiative. The course coordinator serves as the liaison between the volunteering teachers in the courses and ensures smooth and efficient communications and operations for courses and builds relationships and interaction within the group of voluntary  teachers. Are you someone who likes to takes initiatives to bring people together and bundle energy to make optimal use of skills and availabilities?

We are also looking for a volunteering marketeer who helps the initiative to develop further in marketing, advertising and promotional activities. Can you help us forward in the areas of e-commerce and social networks? Are you someone looking for changes bringing the initiative under the attention of potential partners, sponsors and volunteers?

And finally, Teaching-Orphans is looking for a IT-Star in using and setting up projects in collaborative software. As our project is growing is becomes important to translate the project structure and materials in a collaborative environment so we can share ideas and documents in a transparent and safe environment. Do you have IT-skills in this field and would you like to experience working in a global environment ? Take initiative and help us building this virtual platform for orphans!

We need you, so please contact us!

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